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Happy Geek Day!!!

26-05-2009 Por: Torturo

Happy Geek Day!!!

well. somebody told me that if i write in english, i might have more visits, so I’m going to write in english and if somebody read this and do not speak spanish and is interesting you can make a comment and i will make a new entry talking about that… i can practice my english writing in here becouse i need the english for my university. well here we go with my entry:

From Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico, i wish to every person who read this message and the ones that do not, a big congratulation for the “Friki Day” or “Freak Day”, who is celebrated on monday 25 of may.

that’s why i put the glasses on my “Block” (blog) trying to congratulate all freaks and who are in someway…. weird

so… CONGRATULATIONS!!!! and have a very nice day tomorrow and dont forget that, every who are not freaks MUST respect that ones who are….

for that pals who are asking what is my afition (i think there is not doubt but well…) here i will put a few lines about it, temember that FREAK is not the same in english that in Spanish… in english might be… Geek… i think…:

Computation: the Geek of this subculture is name badly “hacker“. the bad term is ‘couse make reference to and experte of the computers, specially on network progemming (whut?? o.0). and in english is called Geek who make reference to the computers apasionated and the technology … it is called also, NERDbut it used to use this term fro the people who know about everything and not just the technology.

remember…. behing every human mind there is always a little Friki (nerd, or Geek… or weird person)

by the way thinks “mundogeek” for the info

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