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Share Thunderbid between Windows an Linux Ubuntu

12-06-2009 Por: Torturo

Share Thunderbid between Windows an Linux Ubuntu

I did this question yesterday and it was a little intersting… how can I share my E-Mail client (thunderbir) between Windows and Linux in the same computer? well.. it lookes a little difficult but really it was not… it was really easy, well here we go:

i rode my E-Mail from Linux but in not in windows, and I use the 2 services-

but… what happends if i can not read my linuc file on windowsoh well… for this you will need a driver that you can download from a page and configurate it

just download, install  and configurate in Start -> All Programs -> Ext2fsd ->Ext 2 Volume Manager

it will display a new windows and you need to select the one who haves /home/

normal click and press F4  F4 you have to ADD a letter for the unity click on ACCEPT and thats all!!!!!!


I don not know if you need to restart in windows XP but in vista it is not necesary

to do this in a simpliest way y did all over again for this, i need to download the program for windows

well, you have it?

well… then do the difficult part!!! INSTALL!! (next,next, next, next,next, next)

when the instalation is done, deactivate the optiono to start thunderbird whe you click finish

ho to you Explorer (WIN+E, not Internet Explorer) and go to TOOLS an DIRECTORY OPTIONS (i think thats the name, I don’t really remember)


then go to view and activate Shot All files and directories hidden


then you have to:

Start -> Execute (Win+R) and put:  thunderbird.exe -profilemanager

les abrirá una ventanita como esta:

and you need to  ADD PROFILE, if you want you can read it (not everyone will do) click on NEXT and you’ll see this (but in english):


and beacouse we habilitat ethe option to SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND DIRECTORIES we can find ther is the PROFILE on Linux, in my case is:


and thats everything… not very difficult righ??

execute  thunderbird and you’ll see you email from linux OR Windows 😀


any doubt? u know there to find me


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